J9.COM Welcomes the most valuable guests, Naismith Trophy

The FIBA Basketball World Cup Trophy has arrived in the Philippines as part of a series of global appearances. As Global Partner of FIBA, J9.COM which based in the Philippines has welcomed its most valuable guest in the worlds biggest arena, the Philippines Arena on February 23th.

At the Trophy welcoming event, many local influencers and basketball fans came to see the trophy up close and in person, it is a very once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone especially basketball fans. J9.COM’s brand director Amy Chen said, ”Glad to see that so many people in the Philippines love the game of basketball, and it is very pleased to be able to work with FIBA, to present the wonderful event and bring real joy to the fans all over the world, J9 Group will fully support the holding of the FIBA World Cup in the Philippines in 2023.”